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At Suruchi Dairy, we believe that each day should begin on a fresh note and you must feel healthy and refreshing till the end of the day. This inspires us to strive for perfection in all our products so that we can deliver healthy, hygienic and nutritious products, every day!

It is our commitment to quality and endeavour for great taste that has made us the preferred brand of milk and milk products of all our customers. With a focus on Research and Development, we harness the latest technologies to achieve the edge in dairy products.

Taste the purity at Suruchi!


"I love the purity of Suruchi Ghee. I choose it for my family's treats!"

-Megha Kulkarni Housewife

"I enjoy the taste and refreshing twist of the flavoured milk" -Karan Shinde. College Student.

"We appreciate the quality and timely delivery of all Suruchi products"

-Nikhil jadhav, Distributor.

"Suruchi products are in great demand as customers love the taste and the quality"

-Jalinder Dhamdhere, Shop Owner.

"We enjoy all Suruchi products as they are pure, delicious and affordable!"

-Nisha Mehta Professional & Home maker.

Latest News

Suruchi expands their reach outside Maharashtra.
After a successful journey in Maharashtra and being the preferred brand for milk and milk products here, Suruchi Dairy is now expanding its reach to states outside Maharashtra so that customers can experience the brand's purity all around the nation.

Suruchi launched a new factory for Skimmed Milk Powder.
With the rapidly growing demand for skimmed milk powder, Suruchi Dairy has now expanded its production unit and recently opened a new factory to specially produce the skimmed milk powder. The factory employs state-of-the-art quality standards to ensure exceptional quality in the products
Suruchi Dairy ties up with Cadbury.
A testimony to our quality and commitment to perfection is our recent contract with Cadbury. We are privileged to have a national brand as our client and it is a proud moment for us to be associated with Cadbury. In our journey ahead, we aspire to become partners with many more successful brands and spread the trust of Suruchi.

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