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Growing, storing, processing, packaging and customizing. MegaFarm brings to the table the complete produce supply chain from farm to facility!

MegaFarm: The Origins

For the past several generations, the Bhilare Family has gained recognition and respect as a quality cultivator of fruits, berries and vegetables on scenic Mahabaleshwar’s hilly terrain. In the early 1990s, Mr. Manohar Bhilare, a fourth generation farmer entered the direct marketing of strawberry produce in the several cities in Maharashtra.

Over a decade, he built a strong ground base of local growers, helping them supply fresh strawberry to both, city markets and food processing companies. From 2005, he expanded the produce to include other berries and fruits. Realizing the round-the-year demand for farm-fresh yield, he set up Megafarm Processing in 2012 with his son Mr. Nilesh Bhilare, rapidly becoming a trusted supplier in the IQF, Fruit and Berry Pulp, Crush, Fruit Fillings, Toppings and Food Ingredient segments. Our product spectrum includes a diverse range of natural yield comprising Strawberries, Raspberries, Goji Berries, Mulberries, Mango, Guava, Orange, Pineapple, Green Apple, Blueberries, Vanilla and Butterscotch.

IQF, Fruit and Berry Pulp, Crush, Fruit Fillings, Toppings and Food Ingredients…
our verticals at MegaFarm expand to mirror your needs, at the pace your operations demand.

Variety | Quality | Efficiency

MegaFarm has long-standing alliances with over 2000 highly reliable and professional growers working in more than 30000 acres of land in Maharashtra. Our strong quality control supervision from procurement through dispatch to processing ensures that freshly picked produce is selected for Blast Freezing and processing into pulps, jams, crushes and fillings as per the requirement of our customers across the country. Thanks to an automated production plant with 100% customization capabilities, our robust and expansive cold storage facilities, and an efficient logistical network, MegaFarm manages supply of over 20 tons of processed and IQF commodities on a daily basis. The capacity can be increased at short notice. Over the years, we’ve positioned ourselves as an efficient partner to food processing corporates with high scales and round-the-year demand.


Megafarm Processing offers food industry professionals a wide range of fruits, including fresh berries, frozen fruit, fruit purees, stewed fruits and crystallised fruits


Strawberries are self-pollinating. Pollination is achieved mainly by insects but wind movement and moisture may also help. To produce a well-shaped berry it is necessary for good pollination to be achieved otherwise the fruit will be malformed. After the flower is fertilised it is generally 4-6 weeks before the berry is ripe.


Sweet and soft, raspberries are a very fragile fruit. Consumed on their own or as part of a sophisticated creation, raspberries are well loved for their sweetness and fragrant aroma. Low in calories and rich in antioxidants, they have everything to delight food lovers, and can be eaten throughout the year.


This blue berry comes to us straight from the United States, and is still relatively unknown in France: Americans eat 10 times more of them than the French do! Sweet, packed with flavour and offering many health benefits (particularly for sight), blueberries are the full package.

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